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Mary Lattimore · Collected Pieces II

Mary Lattimore · Collected Pieces II

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SKU:Catalogue number: GI-389

Label: Ghostly International / Genre: Ambient · Contemporain · Drone

1. Mary You Were Wrong
2. For Scott Kelly, Returned to Earth
3. Sleeping Deer
4. We Wave From Our Boats
5. Princess Nicotine
6. Be My Four Eyes
7. What the Living Do
8. Pine Trees (Home Recording)
9. Polly of the Circus

Mary Lattimore returns with a culminating counterpart release, *Collected Pieces: 2015-2020*. The limited-edition LP sequences selections from her two rarities collections, *Collected Pieces I* (2017) and *Collected Pieces II* (2020), bringing archive highlights and fan favorites to vinyl and CD for the first time. Lattimore has described the process of arranging these releases as akin to “opening a box filled with memories,” and here that box continues to populate, accessible for both the artist and fans. Evocative material separated by years, framed as a portrait of an instrumental storyteller who rarely pauses, recording and often sharing music as soon as it strikes her. Seemingly in constant forward motion for the last five years since her Ghostly debut, Lattimore glances back for a breath, inviting new chances to live in these fleeting moments and emotions; all the beauty, sorrow, sunshine, and darkness housed within.

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