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Charlie Megira · Tomorrow's Gone

Charlie Megira · Tomorrow's Gone

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SKU:Catalogue number: NUM211

Label: Numero Group / Genre: Indie · Psyche

1. Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
2. The Girl Who Was Frightened of Ashtrays
3. The Death Dance of The Busty Hot Lifeguard Instructor Babe
4. Smile Now, Cry Later
5. Alligator Man
6. At The Rasco
7. Turn Around
8. Tomorrow's Gone
9. Direct Exercise No. 1
10. The Valley of Tears
11. Fear and Joy
12. Kiss of Death
13. Je Ne Parle Pas Francais
14. Dunkel Party
15. Tower of Tongues
16. Nothing
17. Freak Junior
18. Elvis Is Not Dead
19. Psychic Youth-2
20. (Used to Be...) Psychic Youth

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