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Charlie Megira · Charlie Megira and The Hefker Girl

Charlie Megira · Charlie Megira and The Hefker Girl

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SKU:Catalogue number: NUM914LP

Label: Numero Group / Genre: Indie · Psyche

1. Till I'll Break Again
2. Nothing
3. Fear and Joy
4. Kiss of Death
5. Direct Exercise No. 1
6. Psyche and Apollo
7. The Vally of Tears (Drum Pattern)
8. Thrown Key
9. Song No.8
10. Saturn Return
11. Another God
12. Tower of Tongue

In 2003, Israeli garage-nik Charlie Megira took a sonic left turn and partnered with Israeli multi-instrumentalist Michal Kahan. The duo wasted no time forging a new path, swapping Megira’s trademark reverb for echo, and guitar-noir for new wave. Their second album together, Charlie Megira and the Hefker Girl is an unabashed continuation of gothy ’80s archetypes employed by Joy Division, The Jesus and Mary Chain, and The Cure. With little impedance, the album fits into Megira’s ageless world of cross-pollinated genres and styles. Originally self-released on CD-R, we’ve remastered the 12-track disc for maximum smart phone speaker crush.

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