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spacemen 3

Forged Presciptions

Genre Indie · Psyche


35,42 €

  • LP


1. Things'll Never Be The Same
2. Walking With Jesus
3. Come Down Easy (Demo)
4. Transparent Radiation (Single Version)
5. Ode To Street Hassle
6. Call The Doctor
7. Ecstacy Symphony
8. Feel So Good
9. Soul 1
10. Transparent Radiation
11. Come Down Easy
12. Walking With Jesus (Demo)
13. Things'll Never Be The Same (Demo)
14. We Sell Soul
15. Starship (Demo)
16. Take Me To The Other Side (Demo)
17. Velvet Jam
18. I Want You Right Now

This double album contains a myriad of alternative takes and demo versions from Spacemen 3’s album “The Perfect Prescription” Including, at the time of the CD release, some never before heard tracks.
In his liner notes, Spacemen 3’s Sonic Boom says this release presents the album’s songs in their “full guitar laden versions with all the layers of beautifully streamlined guitar — considered by us to be too hard to replicate live and therefore reduced for the original release.”