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loren connors

Night of Rain

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Edition of 200

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The book is comprised of two parts: ‘Night of Rain,’ which Loren describes as “seascapes, or expressions of the sea and shore. [They are] about the power of rain and the sea, lagoons, bays, tides." Taken from small pencil and black ink drawings enlarged again and again at a copy store. The pieces would often be drawn over and modified throughout this process – ultimately reaching sizes of 8 x 6 feet or larger. In this series, Loren considers the digital images as the "originals” – so this section of the book acts as a sort of swatch, a gallery exhibiting an element of this process.

The second section of the book is “A Coming to Shore.” Nineteen acrylic paintings on stretched canvas, which are often cast in hazy and dreamlike blues, greys, and yellows. They span across the page in stark simplicity. “They all have the feeling of horizon, but not all of them depict horizons,” Loren remarks. Supplemented with a foreword written by artist and friend Aki Onda, Night of Rain is part of a continuing series of limited books published by Recital that explore Loren’s visual art.

• Edition of 200, hand numbered
• 12” x 8.5” – 100 color pages, perfect bound book

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