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eric chenaux

Say Laura

Label Constellation / Genre Ambient · Contemporain · Drone


15,00 €

  • LP


1. Hello, How? And Hey
2. Your New Rhythm
3. Say Laura
4. There They Were
5. Hold The Line
6. Say Laura [abridged]

The new record by Eric Chenaux is his most immaculate and pristine. Say Laura perfectly incarnates the counter-intuitive interplay of instrument and voice that Chenaux has been revealing and revelling in throughout the past decade: his gently unhinged juxtaposition of resplendently smooth, seductively assured singing and puckish, frazzled, thoroughly destabilized guitar could come from no other musician. The five wandering, wondering ballads on Say Laura bring Chenaux’s semi-improvised but keenly intentional songwriting to its fullest, clearest, warmest and coolest articulation; uncompromising and generous, hyper-specific and loose, spartan and luxurious, elemental and ornate.